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We’re all about the Halifax hip-hop scene and community and urban culture. That’s what you’d be writting about.

If you’re interested in being on our team please e-mail us with an example of your writting. We’ll try to answer any questions you have too.

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FOR THE LOVE of hip-hop!

When we asked local hip-hop photographer/promoter Kasper K./@KasperK_photo what FOR THE LOVE is all about, her short response said it all.

"It’s FOR THE LOVE of Hip-Hop. It’s about showin some love and leavin your hate at the door."

More than that, it’s a monthly night dedicated to the local hip-hop community and showcasing Halifax’s local talentend Rappers/DJs/MCs/Poets/Artists etc. It happens every second or third Wednesday of the month.

Check out the June edition of FOR THE LOVE tonight at Reflections for 5 bucks! By the looks of the event, it should be all that. DJ Android, DJ IV, R$ $mooth, Al Boogie, Foff, Miracle and a first time performance from Nukem.

Click the link for the event page.

A couple more shots from the last ever hip-hop show at The Paragon. Photos by IV League photographer, @KasperK_photo. Here’s a link to the full album:

KASPER K. Photography

Check out her new Tumblr for “Picture a Day - Kasper K.”

Here’s a couple shots from the last ever hip-hop show at The Paragon. Photos by IV League photographer, KASPER K. Here’s a link to the full album:

KASPER K. Photography

Check out her new Tumblr for “Picture a Day - Kasper K.”



@rssmooth @alboogie902 | R$ $mooth & Al Boogie's Big Tune Tuesdays

Did you know that R$ $mooth & Al Boogie release a new track every Tuesday? If you aren’t already into the scene or don’t listen to DJ IV’s, Crowd Control Mixshow then you may not have heard.

Big Tune Tuesdays consists of R$ and Boogie collaborating with a variety of other artists on a new track every week. They start with a beat by various producers and basically take it from there. They decide what the tune’s about, write it, record it(at the IV League studios) and release it. It all happens in one night.

It used to be called Big Tune Thursdays and they would stream themselves live on, from wherever they were recording at. Anyone that was tuned in could watch them joke around/flirt with ladies and chat with them and have your input about the song. 

The new format is best in our opinion. There’s nothing better than waking up Wednesday morning to a brand new Big Tune for your playlist. Hali hip-hop heads appreciate what you guys are doin, so keep up the good work!

R$ & Boogie’s latest, "Let’s Just Kick It" feat. Monark, Phakt, Ghettochild & produced by JD Armz, is nothing short of a sure fire lady pleaser.

May have heard through the grape vine there’s a Big Tune’s Album being put together? So far not one track has disappointed us, so we are not against that idea at all!

This link will send you to the FB page(…update the name?) where you can find download links to all of the tracks they’ve put out so far. We guarantee they are worth the download!



"Every East Coast MCs favorite East Coast MC."
RIP #ShortShane

RIP Short Shane Jackson.

We never had the pleasure of meeting you before you were taken from us. We love your music and we’re glad that people come together in your memory and celebrate your life every year.

This years celebration is this Saturday, June 4th from 10pm-2am at the Sackville Dooly’s



Last hip-hop show at The Paragon, tonight.

When we first heard the news about the Paragon closing it came as a shock, but then again it didn’t considering the diminished support for the hip-hop scene in general.

The lineup is lenghthy, as it should be! The Paragon has provided a stage for the local talent and they’re all comin out for the last show!

GHETTOSOCKS and more….”

What a better way to end a beautiful day than a hip-hop show!

If you miss the show we’ll have pictures for you courtesy of local hip-hop photographer, Kasper K.

We’ll miss you Paragon.



@bruthaznarmz | BruthaZ-N-ArmZ drop new tape, "

Still on a blazing high since the release of their mixtape “MrCoolNFly”, BruthaZ-N-ArmZ drops yet another mixtape yesterday for our listening pleasure!

"B Cool" may only have 8 tracks on it, but it’s release is a mere 35 days after their last one and having only 8 tracks doesn’t mean it’s any less likely to get play in your ears cause it’s dat bomb! A good collaboration between them and B Toll, an up and coming producer. Tweeters yesterday were loving the new joints, and so do we!

It’s also available for free download on, thanks to the number 1 supporter of the East Coast hip-hop scene, DJ IV.

Keep up the good work!

@foffboi @Ritchcraft | FOFF - "Pass Me My" official video.(Prod. by Ritchcraft)

Reigning from the Darkside, Foff is someone you should get used to! Shouldn’t be hard considering his truly unique flow, real talk and fresh new videos like “Pass Me My”, produced by Ritchcraft.

It takes more than sticking a video camera in front of someone and moving it in and out, side to side to make a video that people are gon talk about.

"Pass Me My", is a perfect example of what you can do to solidify your video in the minds of those who’ve watched it. A little more creativity is all it takes. Step your game up!



Everyone is sad The Paragon Theater, formerly known as “The Marquee” will be closing at the end of this month. There wasn’t a sad face in the house for the SHAD (@shadkmusic) performance though!

Photos courtesy of local hip-hop photographer, KASPER K. @KasperK_photo

She’s an IV League affiliate & huge supporter of the local scene and graciously gave us use of these pictures for the blog when asked. Respects!

You can check out her photos here:

KASPER K. Photography